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Artist juxtaposes Mangaluru’s heritage with its now urbanised landscape

Displaying over 40 paintings on a terracotta plate, antique pillar, and timber, artiste Santhosh Andrade with his acrylic touch yet again immerses art patrons with the story of Mangaluru. The paintings of this Indian contemporary artist bring to life the story of this small town in the coastal city in Karnataka transcending to the urban landscape. Santhosh Andrade Counting on his memory, artist Santhosh Andrade on his canvas has meticulously documented tiled rooftops, greenery, artisan’s culture, and folklore of the region’s bygone era. Santhosh’s canvas very much makes a paradoxical statement on old versus new, urban alongside the rural, every day, and the extraordinary. The artwork meaningfully juxtaposes traditional lives & objects, with a snapshot of people, lives & the moment in contemporary times that we often tend to ignore. Born and raised in Mangalore, Santhosh Andrade’s paintings uses realism to depict the everyday scenes of a semi-urban town. The…More

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