‘Indian Gaur’, prowls in Mangaluru City, rescued by the forest authorities


After an intense three-hours of operation, the Karnataka Forest Officials along with authorities from the Pilikula Nisarga Dhama captured an ‘Indian Gaur’ near Kudroli-Gandhi Nagar road on Tuesday.

According to wildlife observers, the animal is suspected to have prowled from Moodabidri, which is close to Western Ghats – approximately over 33 kilometre from district Headquarters of Dakshina Kannada. “In the early hours of morning Tuesday, few residents complained of spotting the Gaur at Hat hill near Lalbagh, that led to some scare. Pursued the commotion made by the locals, the animals ran towards Kudroli-Mannagudde road,” Animals activist Lester Mahesh said.

Soon, the Range Forest Officer (RFO) led by P Sridhar, arrived on the spot along with Pilikula Nisargadama (Biological Park) to contain the animal. “Since the lockdown was partially in progress, not many people or vehicles were around the vicinity. Though the animal ran havoc, it did not cause much damage or injury,” a Pilikula official said.

Another animal activist Tauseef Ahmed, who was around the area to provide assistance to the authorities said that the chase came to an end after the Pilikula staff shot a tranquilizer-dart at the

animal. “A few minutes later the animal was caught, wrapped in net and shifted into a 407 truck using a crane, he said. The swift and co-ordinate effort reduced any major injuries both to the animal or people around,” he said.

According to the authorities, the bison has been shifted to Pilikula Nisargadhama for treatment and kept under observation.

Cover Photo credits by N. A. Naseer

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