Mysuru’s septuagenarian woman parts away with pension to support COVID-19 relief


At first glance when 70-year-old walked into Rotary Heritage Mysuru’s food preparation center, everyone expected her to ask for a food packet. The feeble body language and gentle mannerism of the senior citizen was misunderstood by the organisers that she was in the lookout for charity.

But to the surprise of many, Kamalamma humbly refused the food packet handed over to her and hesitantly mustered courage and took out something hidden in her clothes.  “I have been watching you guys supplying food to my area for over 30 days now. So I just felt that I should give you Rs 500 from the Rs 600 monthly pension I receive. It is a small amount but please accept,” Vishnu Vardhan, a member of the Rotary recollects.

The members of the Rotary Heritage Mysuru were awestruck by Kamalamma’s noble gesture. “We felt embarrassed to even think that she had come asking for food,” he said.

Her generosity was so warm and heart touching that the Rotary members insisted she keep the money for her own wellbeing. But seems Kamalamma had made up her mind about her noble cause and insisted that the group took the money.

Kamalamma, a resident of Chennagirikoppalu near K.G. Koppal has been employed as a domestic-help after her husband’s death. Though she has two sons Kamalamma said that she is self-reliant and does not depend on anyone for her livelihood.

Following the COVID-19 lockdown, she has lost her regular source of income and at times she has also enlisted herself as the beneficiary of Rotary Heritage Mysuru’s food distribution drive. “Nevertheless we took the money out of sheer respect. We feel she is no less than Tata’s, Ambani’s, Azim Premji or Narayan Murthy as she parted away with 90 percent from what she had,” Vishnu Vardhan shared on his Facebook post.


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