DIY haircut mess, to festive rush, Mangaluru based Salons brave it all


From Do-it-Yourself (DIY) haircuts to DIY trimming fails, the past few months’ Salons across Mangaluru have seen it all. “Of course, some of our clients themselves shared a laugh with their creative and experimental makeover. Our experts were easily able to fix lopsided or random snips of hair. But then there were others that needed some major touchup,” Dawood, Founder of Bliss Group of Salons said.

From Youtube to Whatsapp videos, people gave themselves the liberty to give a hair-makeover. While few others were helped by their trusted family members and friends for the same. “Frankly, many have done an impressive job on the front and top section of their head. It was trimming in the back-portion of their head, which was either untouched or had patchy finish,” an executive from Toni and Guy Essensuals, Manipal added.

Since the lockdown in March, hairstylists say few patrons were pushed to their edge by their outgrown scalp and facial hair. Several customers even enquired with Hair and Salon outlets like Bliss, Toni and Guy, and others for help. However, despite lockdown steeply affects Salon business and its employees, these outlets in the coastal city strictly abided by the government orders and duly informed their clients.

Professional Makeover

While minor trimming of hair is okay, hairstylists caution untrained individuals from making drastic hair modifications to themselves or others. “Even for an expert stylist, it takes years to master this art. In such cases, we generally request patrons to exercise a bit more patience and get professional help.”, a professional hairstylist added.

Nevertheless, with Quarantine haircuts being the new normal, these local stylists met the new challenge with relative ease. “Our experience and skill stepped after Unlock 1.0 in June. We were able to do the damage control better and were able to give our clients a great makeover,” Rajesh, a stylist at one of the Salon Outlets at Hampankatta said.

Toni & Guy

However, the city-based Salons say that post-Unlock 1.0, the safety of our clients and staff has been of paramount importance to them. Although it restricts the relative degree of mobility of the staff, the salon owners say that they are 100% compliant. “In fact, like us most of the Salon outlets in the last seven months have invested a large portion of investment in procuring Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), sanitizing equipment, customer safety,” Prakash said.

Grooming for Festive Seasons

Meanwhile, with the dipping COVID-19 cases, the coastal city of Mangaluru is safely heading towards the Unlock protocol. The onset of the festive and wedding season has triggered a great demand for city-based Hair Spas and Salons services.


Besides offering personal grooming services like hair styling, facial, manicure, and pedicures, outlets such as Toni and Guy near KMC Hospital, Manipal and Bliss near Bendoorwell are in great demand by customers and are highly preferred by their clients for their bridal and groom packages.

Towards Safe Working Environment


However, in the backdrop of the COVID-19, salons in the coastal city are leaving nothing to chance. They have meticulously streamlined their appointments to avoid the rush and are frequently seen sanitizing their premises. Temperature monitoring of clients and staff, ensuring facemasks and hand sanitization is also duly followed.  “Staff are thoroughly trained. Through appropriate safety awareness, we are communicating to our clients over the phone and ensuring everyone gets the best of service,” Dawood said.

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